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Winning Solutions 2016/2017

In 2014 Our Oceans Challenge started the first cycle to share and enrich ideas towards cleaner and healthier oceans. In 2016 the second cycle was launched and ocean enthusiast were invited to help solve the following challenges:


  • Noise mitigation – How can noise nuisance offshore be decreased?
  • Waste management – How can the offshore industry help to stopping pollution and cleaning our oceans?
  • Big data – How can the power of big data contribute to a sustainable offshore industry?
  • Ocean Resources – How can be exploit the ocean resources in a sustainable way?
  • Sustainable Legacy – How can you add value by (re-) using existing offshore infrastructure?
  • BME

    Blue Motion Energy

    Idea Owner: Edwin Schouten Blue Motion Energy offers affordable renewable energy from waves, tides and wind, highly efficient and reliable The technology is tested at the LAB in Delft and validated by...

  • BenthicMetals

    Deepsea Mineral Extraction

    Idea Owner: Andrew Baird Seafloor hydrothermal vents emit an inexhaustible stream of ‘smoke’ that is rich in copper, gold and other important metals. Benthic Metals will deploy ‘filter pots’ over thes...

  • DNABarcoding

    DNA Barcoding

    Idea Owner: Elles Feikens CSI-North Sea All life leaves traces in the water, including DNA. By measuring DNA in water samples and comparing this with a reference database, it is possible to demonstrat...

  • Generative design 2

    Generative Design

    Idea Owner: Salomé Galjaard Imagine having total freedom of design. Create anything and everything you like, whilst using artificial intelligence to optimize your design and then pressing a button to ...

  • JellyBots

    Jelly Bots

    Idea Owner: Ruth Vennekens I bet you have your phone with you. I bet you work on some sort of computer almost daily. I bet you use electronic devices. Every. Single. Day. These devices have a humongou...

  • BigData

    Maritime Big Data Committee

    Ideo Owner: Marisa Queirós Monteiro 90 % of all global data was collected last year, yet only 1% was used. It is clear action is needed. Not using data already collected is a waste and loss of the opp...

  • Generative_design_big

    Offshore Charge Points

    Idea Owner: Noë Eenkhoorn How great it would be if we could use the renewable energy generated offshore directly on vessels sailing by these energy sources? The idea is to develop Offshore Charge Poin...

  • Seaweed

    Offshore Seaweed Farming

    Idea Owner: Alex van Deyzen Seaweed is a versatile product: Consumption, Feed, Cosmetics, Bio-fuel Increasing world population → More seaweed is required Scale-up sustainable production in the Netherl...



    Idea Owner: Casper Helder World’s alternative power sources are wind, sun and water. All 3 needed. Wind and Solar ongoing. Next step Tidal Power Generation with the technology of RONAMIC. Like a revol...

  • ScrewPiles2

    Screw Piles

    Idea Owner: Tobias Bouman Screw Piles for offshore use are an alternative to   industry standard driven skirt piles. By screwing piles instead of using a heavy duty hammer, underwater noise is virtual...

  • Sol2Fas


    Idea Owner: Sebastian Schreier Sol2FaS stands for Solar Energy to Fuel at Sea. With this idea we want to harvest solar energy on the open ocean and bring clean, CO2-neutral fuel back to shore. This fu...

  • GBB

    The Great Bubble Barrier

    Idea Owner: Anne-Marieke Eveleens 80.000 million ton of plastic flows into our ocean each year, with devastating effects on marine ecosystems and humans. We believe plastic waste can be caught before ...

  • WasteMarket

    Waste Market

    Idea Owner: Martijn ten Kate Waste management and collection is a complex and costly task for the offshore industry. Companies currently pay waste collectors to collect and take care of all their unde...

  • WaveParasite


    Idea Owner: Roeland Schillings The WaveParasite is a floating structure moored around a monopile that harvests wave energy. It exploits the available infrastructure of existing offshore wind farms to ...

  • ZShips


    Idea Owner: Jose Luis Gutierrez-Garcia / Roy Wagner Zero Fossil Fuel, Zero Emissions MARITIME TRANSPORTATION with ZShips Maritime transport is crucial but uses large amounts of fossil fuels & heav...

Winning Solutions 2014/2015

Over the course of  2014 and 2015 Our Oceans Challenge started the first cycle to share and enrich ideas towards cleaner and healthier oceans. During the first Call to Action phase of Our Oceans Challenge 88 idea’s were shared on an online platform. Together with the partner network 16 solutions were selected and the winning top 5 is presented below

  • Floating_Cathedral

    Floating Cathedral

    Idea Owner: Menno Broers The Floating Cathedral is a large-scale solution for harnessing wave power, combined with energy storage. The combination enables continuous power output, unique in the market...

  • Polymore


    Idea Owner: Bart Blijerverld The goal of the PolyMore project is to empower local entrepreneurs in Angola to recycle plastic waste in to useful products. Currently, a business model is being developed...

  • Protecting with Nature 2

    Protecting With Nature

    Idea Owner: Felipe Leon We want to use certain macro fouling fauna as a coating barrier in order to isolate the target metal from the corrosive environment. In addition to this, the use of mussels wil...

  • Slow_mill

    Slow Mill

    Idea Owner: Erwin Croughs Wave energy is one of the cleanest sustainable energy forms and has enormous potential for all oceans around the world. But it is also one of the least developed forms as wav...

  • zships2014

    Zero Emission Ships

    Idea Owner: Jose Luise Gutierrez – Garcia / Roy Wagner The idea is to create a fishing vessel that produces no emission or waste. These fishing vessels would be powered by clean energy like for ...




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