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In 2014 Our Oceans Challenge started the first round to share and enrich ideas towards cleaner and healthier oceans. In 2016 the second round started and ocean enthusiast were invited to help solve the following challenges:


  • Noise mitigation – How can noise nuisance offshore be decreased?
  • Waste management – How can the offshore industry help to stopping pollution and cleaning our oceans?
  • Big data – How can the power of big data contribute to a sustainable offshore industry?
  • Ocean Resources – How can be exploit the ocean resources in a sustainable way?
  • Sustainable Legacy – How can you add value by (re-) using existing offshore infrastructure?


This second round, over 750 participants, consisting of entrepreneurs, offshore experts and individual ocean enthusiasts have contributed a total of 161 working concepts. The top 20 as described below will now enter the OOC Development Phase, to accelerate the idea to be ready to pitch to the industry’s leaders and potential investors! This final event will take place on June 15th!

2016/2017 TOP 20 IDEAS

Screw piles

A novel way to sink foundation piles into the seabed using rotation instead of hammers

Low Frequency Radar

Using electromagnetic waves to make under water observations to minimize noise

Generative Design

Using this innovative technique in the offshore has a huge potential!

Data Collection

Combined solutions for oceans research and big data collection

Offshore DNA Barcoding

Re-using facilities on existing offshore installation as laboratories

Big Data Sharing

Joining forces in sharing industry knowledge and resources

Energy Storage Solutions

Storing excess renewable energy using buoyancy and existing infrastructure

The Great Bubble Barrier

Stopping ocean plastic at its source using offshore expertise

Waste Market

An online marketplace to sell industrial waste

Vortex Waste Bin

Separating various plastics and other waste materials using a water vortex

Zero Emission Vessels

100% renewable energy for propulsion and auxiliary power of vessels

Deepsea Mineral Extraction

Capturing metal sulfites from deep sea hydro-thermal vents

Farming Windfarms

Large scale production of seaweeds in and around windfarms

Blue Motion Energy

Combining wave, tidal and wind in an efficient and reliable way

Offshore Charge Points

Charge points for electrical or hybrid vessels at sea

Ronamic Tidal Power

Low head turbine technology for tidal energy

Wave Parasite

A floating structure harvesting wave energy near existing infrastructure


Harvesting solar energy on the open ocean and bringing clean fuel to shore

Floating Honeycombs

Large floating solar panel assemblies

Multistage OTEC

The creation of deep water cooling systems in several stages

DuPont Sustainability Award


Our Oceans Challenge has been selected as winner of the DuPont Sustainability Award for the EMEA region in 2015, as recognition of its acceleration program. We established a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, offshore experts, scientists and individuals who shared and enriched a total of 88 concepts. Participants developed successful business proposals which included solutions to remove and recycle plastic from the oceans.

2014 / 2015  SOLUTIONS

Slow Mill

Slow Mill

Wave Energy Harvesting


When waves hit an assembly of conical blades a winch is activated, powering a generator. After the waves fall back the assembly rolls back to its starting position and the cycle is repeated. At the moment of OOC round one, a scale model was operating in the North Sea.

Protecting with Nature

Protecting with Nature



The use of macro-fouling fauna as a coating barrier, to protect any target metal from its corrosive environment. In addition, the use of mussels will increase the organic content in the sediment around the object, creating a sharp redox gradient to be used for cathodic protection.



Recycling of Ocean Plastic


Facilitating the plastic recycling process in developing countries. Local entrepreneurs are stimulated to collect (free) plastics from beaches, houses or landfills, to recycle into a wide range of plastic products. These products can be sold by the entrepreneur itself or exported abroad. Currently finalizing their recycling tool.

Floating Cathedral

Floating Cathedral

Energy Generation


A continuous method of harvesting energy from waves, combined with energy storage. Moving pontoons pump up water to a reservoir, from which the water flows down and continuously feeds turbines, in total generating approximately 50MW.

Offshore Energy Public Outreach Award Nominee

Our Oceans Challenge has been selected as one of the three nominees for the Public Outreach Award 2016 by Offshore Energy. We are very proud that we reached this based on our first cycle and are curious how much further we can reach out to the public in the current cycle!

More information can be found on the website of Offshore Energy


United Nations SDG Front Runner


Our Oceans Challenge is acknowledged as front runner of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Number 14: “To conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development”. Find out more about our common goals on:





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