The Great Bubble Barrier - Our Oceans Challenge
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The Great Bubble Barrier

20 Jun The Great Bubble Barrier

Idea Owner: Anne-Marieke Eveleens

80.000 million ton of plastic flows into our ocean

each year, with devastating effects on marine

ecosystems and humans.

We believe plastic waste can be caught before it reaches the oceans with no little more than air, starting at the source. By placing two air screens diagonally in rivers, we block plastics from moving downstream, and make clever use of the current of the river to direct the waste to the banks. Ever seen such a bubbly idea?

The advantages of the Great Bubble Barrier are:

  • It allows the passage of fish and ships
  • The effect reaches the total width & depth of rivers
  • It is based on existing technology
  • It is easily scalable

We currently work together with: Rijkswaterstaat, Deltares & the Plastic Soup Foundation on a pilot in the IJssel