Floating Cathedral - Our Oceans Challenge
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Floating Cathedral

13 Oct Floating Cathedral

Idea Owner: Menno Broers

The Floating Cathedral is a large-scale solution for harnessing wave power, combined with energy storage. The combination enables continuous power output, unique in the market of sustainable energy. It involves:

  • 12 pontoons on the lower end of the construction to move along with the waves, the movement is then used to pump up sea water.
  • The sea water is transferred to the reservoir on the top en of the Cathedral. The water is then situated at a level of approx. 50m.
  • The water will flow back to the sea from the reservoir in a continuous way, while driving a set of hydro turbines. This way, the continuous water flow delivers a continuous power output.

The whole construction a very large, approx 350 meter in length; the size of three soccer fields. It delivers approx. 50MW of energy , which is sufficient for 150,000 households. Due to the continuous power output, it also delivers the same output as a wind park with twice the installed power and a footprint of 24km2.