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OOC Vision Mission Strategy

Two thirds of our planet is covered in water: the ocean is fundamental to life for humans and all living creatures and provides goods and services critical to humanity. Unfortunately the health and productivity of the ocean is facing serious challenges. Due to our growing world population and expanding oceanic economic activities, these pressures are only likely to increase.


OOC believes that despite the challenges facing the ocean, there are opportunities to balance ocean protection with the responsible use and exploitation of ocean space and resources. It’s time for the industry to show its responsibility and time for you to send in your breakthrough idea. Together, we can accelerate your innovative and sustainable idea into a viable business! In other words; we see an ocean of business opportunities!

  • Vision

    A sustainable offshore industry through collaboration by all industry partners.

  • Mission

    Connecting the offshore industry with sustainable, innovative and viable solutions through identifying industry-wide sustainability challenges while raising industry responsibility and awareness.

  • Strategy

    Gather, inspire and support entrepreneurs through our massive open online innovation platform.

2016 / 2017  CYCLE


  • Define Challenges

    • Jun ’16 – Nov ’16

    • Gather industry partners
    • Discuss sustainability
    • Define 5 challenges

  • Gather ideas worldwide

    • Dec ’16 – Mar ’17

    • Collect ideas worldwide
    • Discuss with Ocean Experts
    • Select the best ideas

  • Develop solutions

    • Apr ’17 – Jun ’17

    • Accelerate top 20
    • Technical support
    • Investigate feasibility

  • Launch startups

    • Jun 15th 2017

    • Grande Finale
    • Pitch to industry
    • Launch support


During the Grande Finale on June 15th 2017 an industry jury has selected the top three solutions for the Industry Award. The jury members are:

Laura Heerema – Heerema Group

Jan Albert Westerbeek – IHC IQIP

Hans Huis in ‘t Veld – Top Sector Water

Prof. Dr. Theun Baller – Delft University of Technology

Top 3 Industry award 2017

First Place

First Place

Top 3 Public award 2017

Through an online poll during the Grande Finale the winner of the Public Award has been selected:

Second Place

Second Place

Third Place

Third Place












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