Joining skills, seeking for 
business opportunities
Our Oceans Challenge - the global acceleration platform to identify innovative ocean ventures to address the sustainability challenges - recently received the prestigious 2015 DuPont Sustainability Award.

Our Oceans Challenge

Joining skills, seeking for
business opportunities

Two thirds of our planet is covered in water: the ocean is fundamental to life for humans and all living creatures and provides goods and services critical to humanity. Unfortunately the health and productivity of the ocean is facing serious challenges. Due to our growing world population and expanding oceanic economic activities, these pressures are only likely to increase.

We believe that despite the challenges facing the ocean, there are opportunities to balance ocean protection with the responsible use and exploitation of ocean space and resources. In other words; we see an ocean of business opportunities!

Our Oceans Challenge provides an online co-creation platform for entrepreneurs, offshore experts, scientists and those who care for the oceans to share and enrich ideas for a sustainable offshore industry. After a selection made by our partners we provide the means to realize these ideas by connecting entrepreneurs and start-ups with corporations their financial resources and expertise. Shortening the time to market of ocean ventures while tackling some of our most pressing environmental challenges.

Second OOC cycle 2016/2017

In search of additional partners

Our Oceans Challenge is in search of additional partners, partners who commit to moving the sustainable oceans discussion towards action by sharing expertise and creating impact.

The OOC partner network consist of influential companies who stay ahead of future developments by having their in-house experts work along with entrepreneurial minds. Resulting in scalable business solutions that use the ocean as a sustainable resource. Not only through financial support but by sharing expertise and showing commitment.

The second OOC cycle is expected to kick-off early 2016.